Chowder Blimp

by Rocky Bo

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released November 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Rocky Bo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Chowder Blimp
let's dine out tonight
i'm bad
i'll pay

all evening just trading
back and forth
not mad like me

one time i watched you crawl on me while we were asleep in bed

thick spoonful
i feel getting fat is slow
and nice to keep from cold

street puppy
dancing inside me
be slick and thin
be sure again
shit on me

he was saying things in italian
better things than me
fucking your date
while i'm whining
hell is fine
Track Name: Detail Center
sorry sweet song
can we play you again?

we're peeking out

back inside you're laughing

turn over
grip comfort
wake me up
Track Name: Ethan (covering Cool Ethan of Lenny's Diner)
i love you
but i hate you

which brings to mind
how much i love you

we could have worked this out
you know
in a little room
in a little locked room

i'm sorry you had to settle for dave
the one dimensional man
he's filed under cocksucker in my little black book

sweetness can rot your teeth
bittersweet cacophony

you hold the key
to my little locked room
please let me out soon
Track Name: Bad Voltage (re-do)
all that i was then
over my shoulder

i saw you winding up
beyond all my rooms, my space
i wanted my baby back
i want my baby back

last night i was you
under the covers
i shook as i touched you
i didn't know my name
i stood right out
i was understood

my head was tilting over
to you
i just want to get a better view of you
Track Name: Tough
red writing rock
carve it
deep and tough
cause i want you to see it
when we get out
when the sun comes out

so wear all my clothes
so everyone knows
that i want you to see me
when we go out
when the sun comes out
Track Name: If As Even So
sorry sweet song
can we play you again?

it's been a while
since you've hid
in the pillow

can we play you again in the morning?

back inside you're laughing
because i'm under the blanket
practically naked and laughing
glowing up
when you heat up
just laughing

old ice witch

cold outfit

bad boy just stop it

pick up the ball and just go ahead
toss it
Track Name: Hot Spirit
while i am lying
i respect your needs
if you are so beautiful
then let me see

sit and watch it crawl away
under the false it
i am turning green
can we we turn it on?
we love it

watch me shoot light beams around

twirl around and jump
and fall in love with me
Track Name: Sticky Trap
oh pair of eyes
touch skin to be nice
be cool
shut up
target practice fun

sad notes
passed out
way back when you spoke

nice hole in one
so de-glove,
shake my hand and run away
spit hug stay
something in your heart says love is great
nice hole in one
take my hand and run away
into a wall

special hearts
running around
out in the dark
pinning love to the ground